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Payment Security: Square vs. Verifone vs. Magtek vs. …

If you have been following news in the payments industry over the last week, you have (undoubtedly) heard of the announcements surrounding card acceptance from a mobile device. In particular, there has been substantive industry buzz around the launch of… continue reading »

Google Chrome OS: what does it mean for commerce?

If you have followed the technology news as of late, you will have (undoubtedly) read many stories of the launch of Google’s Chrome OS. If you have not, then I would recommend beginning with the Google Chrome OS – FAQ.… continue reading »

PayPal Developer Conference: Innovate 09

Tomorrow is the start of Innovate09…The PayPal Developer Conference. As the brief description on my twitter page has always read, I view my life as “living at the intersection of payments and technology”. As such, I have to admit that… continue reading »

Surcharge for Credit Cards

I’ve spoken in the past about merchants, in accordance with the Consumer Credit Protection Act and (typically) their agreement with their acquiring bank, being restricted from implementing a surcharge for customers choosing to pay with credit cards. It is a… continue reading »

Hosted Payments Page: a demonstration

On July 9th, I wrote a post entitled Hosted Payment Page and PCI Compliance. Since that point, IP Commerce has said several interesting engagement with partners through our Commerce Lab Integration Portal focused on the capability and efficacy of a… continue reading »

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