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Payment Processor Breach: a stream of consciousness rant

If you haven’t yet heard, take a minute to read the article entitled Payment Processor Breach may Be Largest Ever at the Washington Post. In brief, Heartland Payment Systems has announced that they have experienced a breach that has potentially… continue reading »

Does PCI Compliance Apply To Me?

The interaction I have had offline with folk regarding my most recent series of posts on security has been intriguing.  Most discussions fall into one of two categories: Don’t care.  Somewhat boring.  Get back to pontificating about payments, platforms, and… continue reading »

Data Storage: What do I do?

Apologies for the delay in posting the missive below…You may have noticed the press release that went out regarding Commerce Enrollment.  It has kept me a bit busy.  If you are interested in additional detail, my previous post entitled Commerce… continue reading »

PCI DSS: A Global Mandate

I had a different, and rather longer, post prepared for this evening on data retention policies and their impact to the merchant processing payments.  However, in the final cleanup phase, I decided to peruse today’s press releases as a distractionary… continue reading »

Security, Security, Security: or PCI and PA-DSS on the mind

After nearly a week of vacation, without regular internet access…a new feeling for me, I’m back in town.   For those who have not been there, the inline photo is of the pool in Glenwood Springs, CO.  Simply lovely (particularly… continue reading »

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