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ProPay Data Security Summit: a brief note

Just a brief note that I will be blogging/tweeting from the Data Security Summit 2010 over the next few days…The plan, at least at present, is to tweet from the sessions and then blog in the evenings with either commentary… continue reading »

Data Security Summit 2010: Discounted Registration

Compliance is a topic I am fond of discussing… Security is a topic I am passionate about… And, yes, the two are somewhat dissimilar topics. With the increasing importance of recognizing (and discussing) the impact of topics in security &… continue reading »

Compliance vs. Security: a thought exercise

This post will be substantively shorter than most…it, truly, is a thought exercise. I was sitting in the office of a colleague last week and we were discussing the mantra that many of us who deal with PCI Compliance end… continue reading »

Payment Security: Square vs. Verifone vs. Magtek vs. …

If you have been following news in the payments industry over the last week, you have (undoubtedly) heard of the announcements surrounding card acceptance from a mobile device. In particular, there has been substantive industry buzz around the launch of… continue reading »

Hosted Payments Page: a demonstration

On July 9th, I wrote a post entitled Hosted Payment Page and PCI Compliance. Since that point, IP Commerce has said several interesting engagement with partners through our Commerce Lab Integration Portal focused on the capability and efficacy of a… continue reading »

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