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“I do not think that means what you think it means”: Finovate 2010, day 1

While taking copious, perhaps excessive, notes on each presenter at the Finovate Fall 2010 conference today I noticed a trend. A trend that, frankly, I found somewhat disturbing. Between the time I started counting (mid-point of the first of twenty-eight,… continue reading »

Multi-Channel PIN Debit: an IP Commerce and Adaptive Payments partnership

I tend to enjoy pontification, both in person and in written form, about platform theory and the business models associated with multi-sided technology implementations.  Ultimately, however, all the pontification in the world is of little value when building a business.… continue reading »

Governance & Commercialization: Payment APIs and Platforms

Whilst writing my series on IP Commerce Platform updates last week, I spoke about the concept of governance as it relates to Federated Identity and Commerce Business Rules.  It would appear that the discussion of governance was rather prescient, albeit… continue reading »

Commerce Service Bus: Powering Payments Innovation

Over the course of the last 5 days, we have discussed several elements that were announced in a Press Release on June 7.  These discussions have included: Commerce APIs Federated Identity Commerce Business Rules All of these bits of technology… continue reading »

Secure Invoicing in Microsoft Word

One of the benefits of working with a platform company is that you have the ability to see trends occurring in an ecosystem… For the last year or so, many of the discussions I have had with technologists (payments and… continue reading »

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