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Family Photos: Courtesy of Joseph Jestes Photography

Permit me, if you will*, to demonstrate a bit of pride… Recently, we had the opportunity to meet with a close friend, and phenomenal artist, Joseph Jestes. We, as a family, have had the distinct pleasure of having Joseph create… continue reading »

Project Completion -or- Where has Tyler been?

You may notice that I have been quiet as of late… There is, in fact, a good reason.

A Daily Reading List

As promised in my post yesterday, I have updated my :blogroll: with the most current export from my Google Reader. If you are interested, I can provide an OPML file with the entirety of the feeds…or, if there is any… continue reading »

A Holiday Celebration

One of the things that I have enjoyed most during my tenure with IP Commerce is the people with whom I have the opportunity to engage. Partners, prospects, industry analysts, bloggers, consultants, co-workers within the company, etc. Today, in the… continue reading »

Marketing Fail: or brand recognition

One of the challenges of a consumer brand* is the concept of brand recognition. Getting your brand in front of your potential customers…ensuring that it is top of mind…hoping that enough familiarity will be built that, at some point, your… continue reading »

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