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A Focus On Strength: Understanding the Value of the Software Community

I had initially intended a different post for today…but, after several offline conversations based on the last two days discussing Commerce Modules, I have been convinced to change course. In the previous posts, I talked about the ability for a… continue reading »

“Open” APIs: a definition

There is a propensity in the technology industry, most industries for that matter, to latch onto adjectives and begin to use them excessively. In the process of descriptive repetition, the importance can be masked or diminished. With that said, the… continue reading »

Payment Instruments: a thought exercise

One of the benefits of plane travel is the opportunity to sit in relative silence (except for the screaming child and angry passenger) and simply read. Every flight that I take I either print, or load onto kindle, hefty materials… continue reading »

“iCommerce”: a thought exercise

I freely admit that I’m a technology junkie…much to the chagrin of my patient wife and to the detriment of our wallet. So, as I watched the Apple iPad announcement, I proclaimed the following: What is interesting about the product… continue reading »

Platforms and Payments

One of the things I particularly enjoy about the position of Platform Evangelist is the requirement to keep abreast of industry trends and conversations. One of the simplest, and most compelling, ways* is via monitoring multiple blogs. At present, I… continue reading »

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