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Commerce Enrollment: Save Time, Make Money, Add Value

One of the challenges of providing an integrated payments software solution is activation. For those not familiar with the vagaries of the payments industry, the process of being approved to process payments is lengthy and frequently confusing.  Typically, the experience… continue reading »

Innovation In Payments: a reality, not a theory

This post is a continuation in my “So…what does IP Commerce do?” series.  Before diving into explanation, I feel it important to discuss a term that is oft misused.  “Innovation”  Innovation can be defined as: A creation (new device or… continue reading »

So…What Does IP Commerce Do?

As Platform Evangelist for IP Commerce, I am keenly interested in, and involved in defining, the messaging that we employ both with our partners and in the market in general.  Over the last 3 years, I’ve seen the company evolve… continue reading »

Signal to Noise Ratio or: Payments and Software

The last several weeks have been rather interesting for me…As is periodically my want, I have spent a fair amount of time in reflection determining whether the “things” that I am doing as an evangelist are appropriate.  And, by appropriate,… continue reading »

FinovateStartup 2008: an IP Commerce platform demonstration

  In 2007, Jim Bruene (Online Banking Report and NetBanker) organized an event called Finovate.  It was popular enough, and sold out quickly, that this year has prompted the creation of a new event…FinovateStartup. This is the sort of conference… continue reading »

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