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Another Processor Breach: say it isn’t so

I have heard from many of the folk I interact with frequently (security folk, payments folk, developer folk, other folk) regarding the newly rumoured processor breach. Many have asked if I have any information…or know something that others may not.… continue reading »

Social Media in Payments: a follow up

I have several online, and offline, conversation about my most recent blog post…it has prompted both interesting and frustrating conversations.  Of course, there is always interest in those who agree (or whole-heartedly disagree) with an opinion.  Perhaps one of the… continue reading »

Platform Wars

Having just recently moved back into our house after a major renovation, I have spent the last few days sidelined with a back injury.  A hint for those considering a self move, don’t think carrying a chair up the stairs… continue reading »

Storing Credit Card Data: an analysis

I had planned an entirely different post for today.  In fact, I think I might have even promised a different post for today…but, everyone once in a while I read something that is so well thought out and researched that… continue reading »

Payments Are A Commodity: a brief post

I’m a simple man. Relatively. And, as such, I appreciate simple statements.  Or, perhaps, concise statements that capture something compelling and cause me to pause and think. Just such a statement was posted by Seth Godin this morning entitled Over… continue reading »

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