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A Daily Reading List

As promised in my post yesterday, I have updated my :blogroll: with the most current export from my Google Reader. If you are interested, I can provide an OPML file with the entirety of the feeds…or, if there is any… continue reading »

A Holiday Celebration

One of the things that I have enjoyed most during my tenure with IP Commerce is the people with whom I have the opportunity to engage. Partners, prospects, industry analysts, bloggers, consultants, co-workers within the company, etc. Today, in the… continue reading »

My Family (a bit of shameless pride)

Recently, my wife, daughter, and I had the opportunity to take photos with a friend/gifted photographer who has taken photos of our daughter since her first birthday. Our friend, Joseph Jestes, captured my family in exactly the way I would… continue reading »

A return to blogging

Periodically, I am reminded of lessons that I have learned in my past… In particular, and most recently, I was reminded that sometimes building “workarounds” for perceived issues in software can, in fact, be a fairly enjoyable experience. However, when… continue reading »

Where’s Tyler?

You may have noticed that I’ve been rather silent over the last 2 weeks…no blogging, little social media interaction, and (startlingly) very few e-mails sent. My wife and I spent the last 2 weeks in China with a group of… continue reading »

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