Aoife Liron Hannan: a surgical pictorial

Aoife is doing wonderfully, the surgery was wildly successful, and the process of recuperation has begun.

A few photos, in somewhat chronological order, and omitting the most horrific, are below.

We are blessed by the care and support of our friends, our family, our colleagues…Thanks to all of you.

Heart Monitor

Sleepy Baby

ICU Wagon Ride

Awake Alert

Big Sister

Going Home

Aoife's Smile

Minor Wound

Aoife Liron Hannan: the story of a child’s heart

In my recent post Family Photos: Courtesy of Joseph Jestes Photography, I mentioned that I have been somewhat emotive as of late. This explains the “why”…

It is, in fact, the result of this little one

Aoife Liron Hannan

Gabriella Lirit Hannan, our 4 year old…the big sister, was diagnosed with a heart defect at 9 months old. This defect, called Patent Ductus Arteriosus, was a blood vessel between the aorta and pulmonary artery that should have closed sometime after birth. In her case, and in the case of 2 of every 1,000 full-term births in the United States, the duct doesn’t close.

The procedure for “plugging” (do you like my precise medical terms?) the hole was via a catheter. Relatively simple, outpatient, and it broke my heart to hand my 9 month old to a nurse in sterile garb and watch as they carried her through a door for the procedure.

Gabriella Lirit Hannan has no complications.
She is considered “healed” of her congential heart defect.

When my wife and I found out we were pregnant with Aoife, we asked the doctor about the potential for a similar heart condition. We were assured — not that it would have made much of a difference in anything other than preparation — that additional tests were not necessary. With congenital heart defects occurring so infrequently, the chances of Aoife would have a PDA were miniscule.

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Family Photos: Courtesy of Joseph Jestes Photography

Permit me, if you will*, to demonstrate a bit of pride…

Recently, we had the opportunity to meet with a close friend, and phenomenal artist, Joseph Jestes. We, as a family, have had the distinct pleasure of having Joseph create our family portraits since the birth of Gabriella, now age 4.

I freely acknowledge, due to circumstances I will enumerate later, that I’m a bit more emotive than usual…but these photos simply make me smile, laugh a bit, perhaps weep slightly, and then smile again.

My co-workers, who have known of my neurosis now for some time, are beginning to wear thin at my showing them the photos repeatedly. So, instead of wearing their patience even more, I share them with a wider audience.

Thank you Joseph! Your work is greatly appreciated.

Family Portrait

Aoife & Daddy

Ella 2011

Baby Aoife

Jocelyn & Ella

*or even if you won’t, for that matter

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