FinovateStartup 2008: an IP Commerce platform demonstration



In 2007, Jim Bruene (Online Banking Report and NetBanker) organized an event called Finovate.  It was popular enough, and sold out quickly, that this year has prompted the creation of a new event…FinovateStartup.

This is the sort of conference that I truly enjoy.  Short demos (5 minutes max, no powerpoint) that touch on the capabilities of a range of both established and emerging companies in the financial technology space.  After each demonstration session (morning and afternoon) there is a networking opportunity for attendees to spend time talking with the companies that they found particularly compelling.  The audience itself is comprised of bloggers, analysts, banking execs, traditional press, etc.

In short, a great opportunity to discuss what a company is doing with a room full of influential people in the financial industry.

I’m happy to announce, at least on this blog, that IP Commerce will be presenting at FinovateStartup this year.

I have blogged in the past about the IP Commerce Platform.  Finovate represents the first ever public demonstration of a subset of the Platform’s capabilities.  You can read the entirety of the demonstration description on Christophe Langlois’ blog about the event (he is the official live-blogger) here

In brief, I will be demonstrating the Platform capability to provision commerce services and the subsequent consumption of these services by an application developed using the Commerce Toolkit for Applications.  I will save a fair amount of the detail until following the event (wouldn’t want to give away the surprise) but the term I use to describe this, at least with technical folk, is "dynamic service composition."

I, for one, am very excited about the event.  There are, as time of this writing, less than 50 tickets left. . .If you are in the industry I encourage you to register and attend.  You can see the full list of presenters here.

I will blog both from and after the event, but you may be interested in following my thoughts somewhat more real-time via twitter.  My general twitter page is and I will be tagging all Finovate specific tweets with the hashtag of #Finovate.  In addition, the usage of tweetscan to locate all Finovate posts will probably be helpful.

If you are in attendance, feel free to reach out either through comments, contact, or twitter and I would be happy to discuss the event, and IP Commerce, in great levels of detail.

What’s your perspective? Agree? Disagree? Anything to add? Critiques?
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April 21, 2008

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