PABP Rapid Compliance

Security surveys show 90% of customers say they blame their retailer, and 20% say they will take their business elsewhere if the data is compromised regardless of who is to blame. It is no wonder that retailers cannot afford to use application vendors and integrators that do not take security as their highest priority.

– Kennet Westby, CTO, Coalfire Systems, Inc.

In the past week, I’ve written about what PABP is, the importance of compliance, and the new rules Visa has released regarding compliant software applications.

With the knowledge of the importance of PABP requirements, and their impact on both the software company and the merchant, IP Commerce announced an acceleration of the PABP validation process today.  This program, called PABP Rapid Compliance, is designed to simplify the process of achieving compliance.

IP Commerce is able to simplify this process, in partnership with Coalfire Systems.  In fact, we are pleased to announce that BIG Software, Inc. has completed their certification of an integrated commerce solution for Microsoft Office Accounting.

When a software company uses the Commerce Toolkit for Applications (CTA), there are best practices built-in that enable the ability to meet the requirement for PABP around functionality like password enforcement and encryption key expiry.  In this way, they are able to focus on the user experience and integration rather than solely focusing on PABP specific requirements.  In addition, as Coalfire Systems is familiar with the components of the CTA, the time (and associated cost) of validation is decreased as the code review process is not as lengthy.

Perhaps most importantly, the program leverages a portal-based solution for providing documentation and validation materials.  This not only reduces the travel cost associated with compliance, but simplifies subsequent validation through secure document control.

If you are interested in the IP Commerce toolkits, please click here.

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November 13, 2007

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