who am i?

I am “just this guy, you know”.

Actually, I am employed as the Platform Evangelist for IP Commerce. According to our corporate web presence, IP Commerce “connects leading financial institutions with software developers and established distribution channels.” I tend to view IP Commerce as a platform and toolkits company focused on the payments industry. (You can learn more here, and I will likely discuss in greater detail in a future post).

However, in my current role, I’m most interested in ongoing trends in the payment and technology industries. By analyzing and identifying these trends, we are better able to identify areas of interest to our partners. Ultimately, this provides the ability to continue to generate interest & awareness about the IP Commerce products.

I’m a serial startup employee (addict?). With these companies, I’ve seen the good, bad, and frequently ugly. Like many of the evangelist ilk, I have spent the majority of my career primarily rooted in technology pursuits. Whether teaching data-warehousing courses, consulting, functioning as the network administrator, or performing internal technical training, I finally realized my true joy comes in human interaction.

That’s the beauty of evangelism as a career. Now, I discuss transformative technology with some of the best minds in the industry. These discussions provide the context by which all are able to make better business decisions (be they “commerce” specific or not). That is the purpose of this blog. . .to begin to generate discussion around interesting trends that relate (sometimes tangentially) to the worlds of commerce.

Ultimately, I suppose I’m a believer that using technology to solve complex business problems is exciting.

October 23, 2007

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