A Brief Bio

As an experienced technologist with a passion for human interaction, I am at my best when engaging with others…explaining highly complex business interactions, discussing emerging and nascent business or technical opportunities, happily arguing semantics and technical implementation approaches, or functioning as a business and technical advisor. I have an innate desire to take the complex, distill it to the appropriate level of understanding (by audience), and then drive joint execution around a shared vision.

My objective is to, simply, make measurable, positive changes in the people, or businesses, with whom I engage.

This blog has, sadly, gone somewhat stagnant in my new role. All prior content is accessible via the navigation below.

Speaking Engagements

A few, purposefully chosen, examples of speaking engagements.

Medieval Art, Collective Intelligence, and Language Abuse – The Ethos of Distributed Systems

Google I/O 2013 – Distributed Databases Panel

O’Reilly Strata Interview 2013

GigaOm Structure Interview 2013

Bipolar Messaging: Communicating With Multiple Audiences

Finovate Startup 2008