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Open API Economy: a meetup

I am, periodically, asked by friends in the technology sector* whether the discussion around APIs is equivalent to the Web 2.0 buzz at the beginning of the decade. In many circles, the words of Shakespeare are quoted when referring to… continue reading »

Governance & Commercialization: Payment APIs and Platforms

Whilst writing my series on IP Commerce Platform updates last week, I spoke about the concept of governance as it relates to Federated Identity and Commerce Business Rules. ┬áIt would appear that the discussion of governance was rather prescient, albeit… continue reading »

Payment Instruments: a thought exercise

One of the benefits of plane travel is the opportunity to sit in relative silence (except for the screaming child and angry passenger) and simply read. Every flight that I take I either print, or load onto kindle, hefty materials… continue reading »

Mobile Platform Wars

As part of the Mobile Platform Wars Briefing Room that is currently being run on, I was asked to respond to 5 questions regarding mobile payments. The content below is a cross-post from that entry for those of you… continue reading »

Platforms and Payments

One of the things I particularly enjoy about the position of Platform Evangelist is the requirement to keep abreast of industry trends and conversations. One of the simplest, and most compelling, ways* is via monitoring multiple blogs. At present, I… continue reading »

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