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Medieval Art, Collective Intelligence, and Language Abuse

As mentioned in my last post, I suspected that last week would prove to be extremely interesting. I was, in fact, not disappointed. The Paypal X Innovate event was much what you would expect. I will comment on some of… continue reading »

Multi-Channel PIN Debit: an IP Commerce and Adaptive Payments partnership

I tend to enjoy pontification, both in person and in written form, about platform theory and the business models associated with multi-sided technology implementations. ¬†Ultimately, however, all the pontification in the world is of little value when building a business.… continue reading »

Solving Problems: Innovation Upon -or- Innovation In Spite Of

There is always something, personally, compelling when 2 discrete blog entries touch on a similar topic…This happened, again, today. The first post is entitled Integration is Only the Beginning: Messages from the Edge and was penned by a colleague, Peter… continue reading »

A Focus On Strength: Understanding the Value of the Software Community

I had initially intended a different post for today…but, after several offline conversations based on the last two days discussing Commerce Modules, I have been convinced to change course. In the previous posts, I talked about the ability for a… continue reading »

Consistency In Customer Experience: Single-Sign On

As I mentioned yesterday when discussing Transaction Management, one of the key components of Commerce Modules (as offered through the IP Commerce Platform) is the ability to quickly and simply drive a consistent customer experience. Hence the statement of a… continue reading »

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