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Platforms and Payments

One of the things I particularly enjoy about the position of Platform Evangelist is the requirement to keep abreast of industry trends and conversations. One of the simplest, and most compelling, ways* is via monitoring multiple blogs. At present, I… continue reading »

Telling Stories: audience segmentation

A brief administrative note: If you are on the site reading this post, take a glance to the right…I’ve added e-mail subscription in addition to the RSS interface available in the past. Don’t use an RSS reader? Have a colleague… continue reading »

Brand Recognition: or kids say the darndest things

For those of you who know me in person, have spent any amount of time listening to me speak, or follow my conversation via other Social Media outlets, you will (quite likely) have heard my reference my daughter. What can… continue reading »

Innovation: a perspective on value

Innovation is one of those words. It inspires, it frustrates, it challenges, it depresses, it engenders a whole host of emotive response.  I’ve written, somewhat frequently, about the word.  If you are interested in my past perspective, the search utility… continue reading »

Platform Wars

Having just recently moved back into our house after a major renovation, I have spent the last few days sidelined with a back injury.  A hint for those considering a self move, don’t think carrying a chair up the stairs… continue reading »

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