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Thank You For Your Service

I heard my name called… “Would Mr. Tyler Hannan please join us on stage.” and the people collected in the room stifled giggles. Today was a unique experience. Today, my father, Stephen Hannan retired after 42 years of Federal service.… continue reading »

GeekTool: Implementation Detail

As I stated in my last post, entitled Geektool (clever title, I know). I have now settled upon a workflow that I found both attractive and beneficial. In this post, I will enumerate the “how” of my implementation. First of… continue reading »


I am enamored with GeekTool. The ability to embed shell scripts (that I use to do a myriad of fun things) on my desktop makes me a happy tyler. Having, now, used the tool for several years. I have happened… continue reading »

Rest In Peace

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Aoife Liron Hannan: the story of a child’s heart

In my recent post Family Photos: Courtesy of Joseph Jestes Photography, I mentioned that I have been somewhat emotive as of late. This explains the “why”… It is, in fact, the result of this little one Gabriella Lirit Hannan, our… continue reading »

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