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Entering the WayBack Machine (or why you should always record public presentations)

One of the interesting things about having been a spokesperson/evangelist/technical marketing person/etc for so many years is that I have lost count of the number of presentations I’ve given. It is, by now, easily in the hundreds. And, unfortunately, I… continue reading »

“And I heard her whisper”: a story of hearing loss

As I mentioned in my post Kickstarter: a data analysis exercise, I am a guitarist. So, basically, my life surrounds the following: (Please note, I chose an unordered list…for convenience purposes as I write in MarkDown…but this could, just as… continue reading »

Kickstarter: a data analysis exercise

I am a data nerd. I am a platform geek. I am passionate about commerce. These are things that, if you have met me, you know. What you may not know (unless you have seen the fingernails on my right… continue reading »

Innovation: a thought exercise

It has been a long time since I’ve written on this blog… and, frankly, I miss it. While I have been writing, sometimes at excess, for work purposes…my personal author activities have been overwhelmed by the activities of the summer… continue reading »

Fraud Management as a Value-Added Service

This is a cross post from Recently, posted an interview with Retail Decisions entitled Fraudsters Take No Prisoners But Retail Decisions Can Strengthen Your Strategy for Prevention. The entirety of the interview is just under 10 minutes, and… continue reading »

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