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Fraud Management as a Value-Added Service

This is a cross post from Recently, posted an interview with Retail Decisions entitled Fraudsters Take No Prisoners But Retail Decisions Can Strengthen Your Strategy for Prevention. The entirety of the interview is just under 10 minutes, and… continue reading »

Building Developer Communities

This is a cross post from I rarely cross post…but this presentation is important to watch and something I will be discussing in the next several posts. If the Messages From The Edge series is about translating, and communicating,… continue reading »

Medieval Art, Collective Intelligence, and Language Abuse

As mentioned in my last post, I suspected that last week would prove to be extremely interesting. I was, in fact, not disappointed. The Paypal X Innovate event was much what you would expect. I will comment on some of… continue reading »

Multi-Channel PIN Debit: an IP Commerce and Adaptive Payments partnership

I tend to enjoy pontification, both in person and in written form, about platform theory and the business models associated with multi-sided technology implementations. ¬†Ultimately, however, all the pontification in the world is of little value when building a business.… continue reading »

Consistency In Customer Experience: Single-Sign On

As I mentioned yesterday when discussing Transaction Management, one of the key components of Commerce Modules (as offered through the IP Commerce Platform) is the ability to quickly and simply drive a consistent customer experience. Hence the statement of a… continue reading »

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