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Cart Abandonment

Just under a month ago, PayPal conducted a survey on the topic of cart abandonment and discussed the results in a live video stream. The results were quite interesting. Let’s start at the beginning… For those of you not versed… continue reading »

B2B Payments: perspective and analysis

I always find it interesting when industry trends take on a life of their own. There is, always, the constant ebb-and-flow of focus on differing areas of technology and business models. But some seem to resurface more than others. In… continue reading »

Payments Volume: a discussion of market growth opportunities

NOTE: The blog migration is, in theory, nearing completion. If you run into anything bizarre or a bit wonky please contact me via the :contact: link above A few items of note occurred today…and yes, they are related: Glenbrook released… continue reading »

The Assumption of Connectivity

At present, I’m sitting (somewhat cramped) on a flight for a partner meeting tomorrow…typically, I travel with one carrier (United) as it makes managing the Frequent Flyer programmes substantively easier (and of greater benefit to me*). For this flight, however,… continue reading »

Brand Recognition: or kids say the darndest things

For those of you who know me in person, have spent any amount of time listening to me speak, or follow my conversation via other Social Media outlets, you will (quite likely) have heard my reference my daughter. What can… continue reading »

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