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eBay Desktop: Leveraging Platforms on the Desktop

I spoke, briefly, in my last entry about the concept of a Rich Internet Application (or RIA).  Quite possibly the best example, that I’m familiar with, is that of eBay Desktop. In perusing the Web 2.0 presentations (last April), I… continue reading »

Xobni: inbox spelled backwards

One of the interesting trends in software (particularly commerce software) is the resurgence of the desktop application.  For years, the focus on web exclusive applications ("all applications will live in the cloud") has created a somewhat fractured environment where I… continue reading »

PayPal Radio – an IPN Toolkit Discussion

In 2006, BAI (Bank Administration Institute) released a research report entitled Small Business Payments in 2006: Finally Poised for Technology Solutions that Address Long-Standing Problems and New Opportunities. While the entirety of the report is excellent, there is a section… continue reading »