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Aoife Liron Hannan: the story of a child’s heart

In my recent post Family Photos: Courtesy of Joseph Jestes Photography, I mentioned that I have been somewhat emotive as of late. This explains the “why”… It is, in fact, the result of this little one Gabriella Lirit Hannan, our… continue reading »

Family Photos: Courtesy of Joseph Jestes Photography

Permit me, if you will*, to demonstrate a bit of pride… Recently, we had the opportunity to meet with a close friend, and phenomenal artist, Joseph Jestes. We, as a family, have had the distinct pleasure of having Joseph create… continue reading »

Project Completion -or- Where has Tyler been?

You may notice that I have been quiet as of late… There is, in fact, a good reason.

Syntax Highlight: a test

When testing new functionality on the blog, I (typically) obscure the actual process of testing. However, there are a few circumstances where this isn’t tenable. Syntax highlighting is just such a circumstance. It is not sufficient to see how the… continue reading »

Payments API Blog: a launch post launched today! This blog, managed by IP Commerce, is focused on the discussion surrounding API strategies and the payments industry. ¬†Myself, as well as several other folk from IP Commerce & other industry participants, are partnering together to further… continue reading »

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