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Thank You For Your Service

I heard my name called… “Would Mr. Tyler Hannan please join us on stage.” and the people collected in the room stifled giggles. Today was a unique experience. Today, my father, Stephen Hannan retired after 42 years of Federal service.… continue reading »

Entering the WayBack Machine (or why you should always record public presentations)

One of the interesting things about having been a spokesperson/evangelist/technical marketing person/etc for so many years is that I have lost count of the number of presentations I’ve given. It is, by now, easily in the hundreds. And, unfortunately, I… continue reading »


I am enamored with GeekTool. The ability to embed shell scripts (that I use to do a myriad of fun things) on my desktop makes me a happy tyler. Having, now, used the tool for several years. I have happened… continue reading »

“And I heard her whisper”: a story of hearing loss

As I mentioned in my post Kickstarter: a data analysis exercise, I am a guitarist. So, basically, my life surrounds the following: (Please note, I chose an unordered list…for convenience purposes as I write in MarkDown…but this could, just as… continue reading »

Aoife Liron Hannan: a surgical pictorial

Aoife is doing wonderfully, the surgery was wildly successful, and the process of recuperation has begun. A few photos, in somewhat chronological order, and omitting the most horrific, are below. We are blessed by the care and support of our… continue reading »

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