Entering the WayBack Machine (or why you should always record public presentations)

One of the interesting things about having been a spokesperson/evangelist/technical marketing person/etc for so many years is that I have lost count of the number of presentations I’ve given. It is, by now, easily in the hundreds.

And, unfortunately, I have few examples of these presentations in video format.

Why, you may ask?

A combination of reasons:

  1. sensitive nature of discussions/sessions
  2. meetups aren’t often filmed

The sad result is that finding speaking samples, is surprisingly difficult. Yes, I’ve used slideshare…but again, only for non-sensitive content.

So, as I pondered this conundrum, and realized the importance of archived speaking engagement (visual or otherwise)…I did happen upon some prior examples.

The point, however, is that for the community of speakers whom I know…VIDEO YOURSELF…setup a camera, it is not only useful for your records, it is useful for your practice.

Here are a few presentations, video or otherwise, i was able to find…

Finovate 2008

I’m unable to embed…but in 2008, I gave a presentation at Finovate Startup demoing the IP Commerce Platform.

That presentation is here.

As an aside, check the mullet. Yes, it was on purpose.

Microsoft ISV Payments Training

At one point, the ISV evangelism team wanted a 3-part webinar series on the concept of payments. The links below were the outcome.

Understanding Electronic Commerce

Commerce Security Fundamentals

Solving for Commerce Complexity

July 26, 2012

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