Family Photos: Courtesy of Joseph Jestes Photography

Permit me, if you will*, to demonstrate a bit of pride…

Recently, we had the opportunity to meet with a close friend, and phenomenal artist, Joseph Jestes. We, as a family, have had the distinct pleasure of having Joseph create our family portraits since the birth of Gabriella, now age 4.

I freely acknowledge, due to circumstances I will enumerate later, that I’m a bit more emotive than usual…but these photos simply make me smile, laugh a bit, perhaps weep slightly, and then smile again.

My co-workers, who have known of my neurosis now for some time, are beginning to wear thin at my showing them the photos repeatedly. So, instead of wearing their patience even more, I share them with a wider audience.

Thank you Joseph! Your work is greatly appreciated.

Family Portrait

Aoife & Daddy

Ella 2011

Baby Aoife

Jocelyn & Ella

*or even if you won’t, for that matter

June 22, 2011

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  1. Paul Vernon said:

    beautiful images, beautiful family