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“Open” APIs: a definition

There is a propensity in the technology industry, most industries for that matter, to latch onto adjectives and begin to use them excessively. In the process of descriptive repetition, the importance can be masked or diminished. With that said, the… continue reading »

A theme update, and a request

Just an extremely brief note that I have completed* an upgrade of the main blog theme this weekend.  There are a few minor cosmetic tweaks left (completing the links page, etc.) and a fair amount of behind-the-scenes work… I request… continue reading »

Open API Economy: a meetup

I am, periodically, asked by friends in the technology sector* whether the discussion around APIs is equivalent to the Web 2.0 buzz at the beginning of the decade. In many circles, the words of Shakespeare are quoted when referring to… continue reading »

Payments API Blog: a launch post launched today! This blog, managed by IP Commerce, is focused on the discussion surrounding API strategies and the payments industry.  Myself, as well as several other folk from IP Commerce & other industry participants, are partnering together to further… continue reading »

Governance & Commercialization: Payment APIs and Platforms

Whilst writing my series on IP Commerce Platform updates last week, I spoke about the concept of governance as it relates to Federated Identity and Commerce Business Rules.  It would appear that the discussion of governance was rather prescient, albeit… continue reading »

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