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Payments, Software, Technology on March 20, 2010

A VC – Commerce 2.0?March 20, 2010 – This quote is something I agree with…and not just completely…almost vehemently. “But just as social technologies changed the game in the media web in the last decade, I believe social technologies will… continue reading »

Payments, Software, Technology on March 14, 2010

Anton Chuvakin Blog – "Security Warrior" – RSA 2010 EXCLUSIVE PCI Security Standards Council InterviewMarch 14, 2010 – Having had the opportunity to hear Bob Russo speak at the ProPay Data Security Summit…I remain as impressed with his position/poise in… continue reading »

ProPay Data Security Summit: a day 1 summary

Event attendance is an intriguing experience.  If you have not heard the term “backchannel”, let me explain…rather, let me link to something on the subject.  Read that, or at least the intro, and return…I don’t mind waiting. Back already? To… continue reading »

ProPay Data Security Summit: a brief note

Just a brief note that I will be blogging/tweeting from the Data Security Summit 2010 over the next few days…The plan, at least at present, is to tweet from the sessions and then blog in the evenings with either commentary… continue reading »

Payment Instruments: a thought exercise

One of the benefits of plane travel is the opportunity to sit in relative silence (except for the screaming child and angry passenger) and simply read. Every flight that I take I either print, or load onto kindle, hefty materials… continue reading »

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