Data Security Summit 2010: Discounted Registration

Compliance is a topic I am fond of discussing…
Security is a topic I am passionate about…

And, yes, the two are somewhat dissimilar topics.

With the increasing importance of recognizing (and discussing) the impact of topics in security & compliance, it is intriguing to see the growth of conferences dedicated solely to the topic. Similarly, it is interesting that these conferences are frequently hosted by a payments firm.

In this case, ProPay*, is hosting a conference entitled:

Data Security Summit 2010

I have nothing more than a passing familiarity with ProPay, their presence on eBay as a payment option, and their merchant focused offerings. But, in a bit of intelligent PR, they contacted me advising me of the conference and providing a discount code for anyone who desires.**

The promotion code saves $50 and is Q116…registration can be performed at the summit site linked above or at the registration page.

I am provided with this sort of offer on a periodic basis and typically ignore…why then would I choose to advise anyone about this event?

Quite simply, the list of speakers they have gathered is intriguing.

If you review the schedule page of the site, you will see several names of speakers who you already know…particularly if you have spent time considering PCI-DSS or researching the details of security & compliance as it relates to payment account data.

Of note, I have always been intrigued with what Avivah Litan (Gartner) and Chris Mark have to say. And, having spoken at events and been on panels with with folk from, the presentation by Jenn Munson on their experience with PCI could be interesting.

In regards to the term “payment account data”, there is one session, entitled Payment Data Security: It’s Not Just Credit Cards Anymore being given by Fred Laing from UMACHA that delights me…

For too long, solutions for security offerings have focused on “cardholder” data…tokenization is billed as “cardholder data storage”…people think of compliance as “protecting cardholder data”…I get the “why”. But too few acknowledge (and emphasize) that protecting customer information is about protecting all payment account data and PII data.

Barring unusual circumstance, I will not be able to attend the event. While I’m reviewing the calendar to see if items can shift, it is somewhat unlikely. However, if anyone does decide to attend I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts and perspectives on the event.

What’s your perspective? Agree? Disagree? Anything to add? Critiques? The comment form is below…

* In a somewhat ironic twist, their website appears to be down as of time of this posting
** To be clear, I receive nothing in return for this. I could use the same discount code…that is the extent of my relationship with the conference organizers.

February 20, 2010

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