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Payments, Software & Technology – December 29, 2009

Digital Money Forum – Are mobile payments a "terrorist dream" or not?December 29, 2009 – As I mention in my comment on the blog post, the concept that "identity is the new money" deserves some additional contemplation…particularly from the perspective… continue reading »

A “Insert Modifier Here” Company

The holidays are an interesting time of year… Time with family, time with friends, time to hide, time to eat (sometimes excessively), and (hopefully) time to relax. And, as a result of all of these, the sort of question that… continue reading »

Payments, Software & Technology – December 21, 2009

The Financial Services Club's Blog – What do bank failures look like?December 21, 2009 – More along the lines of a personal attraction to data visualization… – FUD and Other Sales ErrorsDecember 21, 2009 – Ha! Data Center Knowledge… continue reading »

Payments, Software & Technology – December 17, 2009

Digital Money Forum – Over seas fraudDecember 15, 2009 – Remember to Answer Their QuestionsDecember 17, 2009 – Simply beautiful… CloudAve – Wrapping up Defrag by looking aheadDecember 17, 2009 – Defrag is an event that I’ve heard nothing… continue reading »

Compliance vs. Security: a thought exercise

This post will be substantively shorter than most…it, truly, is a thought exercise. I was sitting in the office of a colleague last week and we were discussing the mantra that many of us who deal with PCI Compliance end… continue reading »

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