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Payments, Software & Technology – November 18, 2009

The Catalyst Code – Twitter for a BillionNovember 18, 2009 – The perspective of The Catalyst Code is always intriguing… tecosystems – Can One Bad Apple Ruin it for the Middle Men?November 18, 2009 – A valuble read for anyone… continue reading »

Marketing Fail: or brand recognition

One of the challenges of a consumer brand* is the concept of brand recognition. Getting your brand in front of your potential customers…ensuring that it is top of mind…hoping that enough familiarity will be built that, at some point, your… continue reading »

PayPal Developer Conference: Innovate 09

Tomorrow is the start of Innovate09…The PayPal Developer Conference. As the brief description on my twitter page has always read, I view my life as “living at the intersection of payments and technology”. As such, I have to admit that… continue reading »

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