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A Holiday Celebration

One of the things that I have enjoyed most during my tenure with IP Commerce is the people with whom I have the opportunity to engage. Partners, prospects, industry analysts, bloggers, consultants, co-workers within the company, etc. Today, in the… continue reading »

Google Chrome OS: what does it mean for commerce?

If you have followed the technology news as of late, you will have (undoubtedly) read many stories of the launch of Google’s Chrome OS. If you have not, then I would recommend beginning with the Google Chrome OS – FAQ.… continue reading »

Payments, Software & Technology – November 23, 2009

Schneier on Security – Security in a Reputation EconomyNovember 23, 2009 – an intriguing read. Payments News – from Glenbrook Partners – Slides from PayPal Developer Presentations Now AvailableNovember 23, 2009 – If you weren’t at the PayPal event, some… continue reading »

My Family (a bit of shameless pride)

Recently, my wife, daughter, and I had the opportunity to take photos with a friend/gifted photographer who has taken photos of our daughter since her first birthday. Our friend, Joseph Jestes, captured my family in exactly the way I would… continue reading »

A return to blogging

Periodically, I am reminded of lessons that I have learned in my past… In particular, and most recently, I was reminded that sometimes building “workarounds” for perceived issues in software can, in fact, be a fairly enjoyable experience. However, when… continue reading »

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