Comments and Blogroll: some housekeeping

I have always preferred blogs that allow for anonymous comments. There is something interesting, and important, about allowing some measure of unfettered access in commentary.

However, as of recently, I have had to tweak the comment engine used by the site (Disqus for those interested) to require authenticated access, as demonstrated by e-mail verification and turn on comment moderation. Disqus, in and of itself, does an excellent job at filtering spam via offered add-ins.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a solid up-tick in spam and some rather silly use of the comment engine. To be clear, I invite discussion…and disagreement. We are all better able to communicate when we’ve had the opportunity to discuss (and, perhaps even argue) or relative perspectives. I will not discuss the details of the issue…but, for the time being, they have necessitated the changes you see.

As a happy aside, it did highlight an issue in my comment system (configuration woe on my part) that hadn’t alerted me to some previous comments. These will be addressed tomorrow.

In addition, I have uploaded the current reading list that I peruse on a daily basis to the blogroll page in the menu bar above this post.

As always, if you have anything I’m missing or want a copy of the .opml dump from my reader, I’m more than willing to oblige.

September 21, 2009

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