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Comments and Blogroll: some housekeeping

I have always preferred blogs that allow for anonymous comments. There is something interesting, and important, about allowing some measure of unfettered access in commentary. However, as of recently, I have had to tweak the comment engine used by the… continue reading »

Payments, Software & Technology – September 17, 2009

Umair Haque – The Awesomeness ManifestoSeptember 17, 2009 – An interesting, albeit somewhat contrarian (in which there can be value), take on the term “innovation” Digital Money Forum – Innovation that matters for the majoritySeptember 17, 2009 – The impact… continue reading »

Shared Items – September 15, 2009

Marketing Tea Party – Ten Cents A TweetSeptember 15, 2009 – Ron Shevlin makes me laugh…deep belly shaking laughs. NetBanker – Is Mint Worth $170 Million?September 15, 2009 – I will blog later this week, or next, about the importance… continue reading »

Hosted Payments Page: a demonstration

On July 9th, I wrote a post entitled Hosted Payment Page and PCI Compliance. Since that point, IP Commerce has said several interesting engagement with partners through our Commerce Lab Integration Portal focused on the capability and efficacy of a… continue reading »

Shared Items – September 13, 2009

Society of Payment Security Professionals – Payment Security Blog – Q3 of Secure Payments “Product Guide” ONLINE Today!September 11, 2009 Branden Williams's Security Convergence Blog » blog – Blame MBAs for PCI Remediation Costs!September 13, 2009 – It is worth… continue reading »

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