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Payments Innovation: making money

In a previous post, entitled Payments Innovation: a discussion of the future, I attempted to make the case that “innovation” (particularly) in the payments market is oft misunderstood…and, perhaps, over-complicated. In my daily reading, I happened across a research report… continue reading »

Heartland Processor Breach: 3 indictments announced

Let’s begin with the relevant links: Three Alleged Hackers Indicted in Large Identity-Theft Case – Washington Post The actual text of the indictment There a few items of interest in the indictment worth noting.

Payment Application Security: does it matter?

I spend a fair amount of time discussing security and compliance. In particular, surrounding the details of achieving PCI and PA-DSS. But, more broadly, that compliance is an outcome of a risk-based approach to security. In these discussions, I’ve noticed… continue reading »

Payments Innovation: a discussion of the future

After being on vacation for a week…I’m behind. Particularly when it comes to reading the feeds/blogs/sites I follow there were several thousands items awaiting perusal (an html-ized version of the OPML file can be found in the blogroll link above*).… continue reading »