CloudAve covers IP Commerce

Many of my recent topics, and shared items*, have been centered on a blog entitled CloudAve. I have followed the posts on CloudAve for quite a while now and when presented with the opportunity to discuss IP Commerce with Ben Kepes…I was delighted.

The post, entitled IP Commerce – A Payments Platform With More went live today and does a quality job at capturing the IP Commerce solution and opportunity.

If you are interested in the goal/mission of the CloudAve blog in general, their About CloudAve page will provide you all the information you desire.

As per always, please feel free to contact me (via comments or any other medium) if you want to discuss in greater detail.

*Don’t forget the link to the right that is a feed of my Google Reader Shared Items. And, should you also utilize Google Reader, I’m happy to set you up as a friend so you receive the share directly in your reader’s Shared Items.

July 1, 2009

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