Archives for December 2008

Social Media in Payments: a follow up

I have several online, and offline, conversation about my most recent blog post…it has prompted both interesting and frustrating conversations.  Of course, there is always interest in those who agree (or whole-heartedly disagree) with an opinion.  Perhaps one of the… continue reading »

Why I Use Twitter: -or- Social Media in the Payments Industry

I spend a fair amount of time interacting with people in the payments industry.  Frequently, after a brief discussion of what the job title “evangelist” really means, there comes the question: “So, what do you think of social media?” I… continue reading »

Innovation: a perspective on value

Innovation is one of those words. It inspires, it frustrates, it challenges, it depresses, it engenders a whole host of emotive response.  I’ve written, somewhat frequently, about the word.  If you are interested in my past perspective, the search utility… continue reading »