Platform Wars

Having just recently moved back into our house after a major renovation, I have spent the last few days sidelined with a back injury.  A hint for those considering a self move, don’t think carrying a chair up the stairs on your head is a good idea.  In fact, it is a very very bad idea.

The one benefit of forced time spent supine, and in no small amount of pain, is that staring at the ceiling gives you time to contemplate.  I have had several learnings over the last few days that are worth of sharing.

1) A tablet PC is useful when your ability to type is hampered severely by range of motion.

2) Platforms are incredibly interesting.

The amount of interaction regarding my last post, both with external and internal folk, has been intriguing.  The concept of a platform is incredibly compelling and finally gaining a measure of competent understanding in the market.  I find in my conversations the question has changed from “What is a platform?” to “What can a platform do for me?”

NOTE:  This is a healthy sign of acceptance…and, perhaps, worrisome as business concepts tend to become obfuscated by personal bias when considering.

With all that said, I was perusing my RSS feeds and find an item I had flagged previously for review entitled platform wars: a brief historyRolf Skyberg, whom I respect greatly, presented at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 EXPO in NYC.  If you visit his site, you can view the presentation in its entirety.  The beauty of the Lessig style of presentation is that you can follow the discussion in its entirety.

I’m interested in your thoughts…

What’s your perspective? Agree? Disagree? Anything to add? Critiques? The comment form is below. . .

October 30, 2008

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