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Platform Wars

Having just recently moved back into our house after a major renovation, I have spent the last few days sidelined with a back injury.  A hint for those considering a self move, don’t think carrying a chair up the stairs… continue reading »

Platform: core to the business, not a feature

Periodically, when I’m in the middle of a blog post, I will poke through my various interfaces to the world of social media to see if anything interesting (or perhaps sufficiently distracting) is happening.  Just minutes ago, a twitter post… continue reading »

Commerce Enrollment: Save Time, Make Money, Add Value

One of the challenges of providing an integrated payments software solution is activation. For those not familiar with the vagaries of the payments industry, the process of being approved to process payments is lengthy and frequently confusing.  Typically, the experience… continue reading »

Innovation In Payments: a reality, not a theory

This post is a continuation in my “So…what does IP Commerce do?” series.  Before diving into explanation, I feel it important to discuss a term that is oft misused.  “Innovation”  Innovation can be defined as: A creation (new device or… continue reading »

Storing Credit Card Data: an analysis

I had planned an entirely different post for today.  In fact, I think I might have even promised a different post for today…but, everyone once in a while I read something that is so well thought out and researched that… continue reading »

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