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Payments Are A Commodity: a brief post

I’m a simple man. Relatively. And, as such, I appreciate simple statements.  Or, perhaps, concise statements that capture something compelling and cause me to pause and think. Just such a statement was posted by Seth Godin this morning entitled Over… continue reading »

Twitter and the Presidential Debates: community intelligence

As you can see by the sidebar of this blog, I rather enjoy the twitter experience.  Last night, while chatting/reading regarding the current market issues there was a tweet that jumped off the page: manima Current TV has partnered @Twitter… continue reading »

What is a Platform?: a discussion from the past

I’ve written, a fair amount, on the concept of a platform.  The term, while wildly popular, is one of those that is defined differently by everyone who uses it.  I, typically, tend to favour the definition: A platform aligns the… continue reading »

PCI-DSS and PA-DSS: Industry Recognition

There was an very interesting article posted yesterday on StorefrontBacktalk entitled How To Get Small Retailers To Take Security Seriously When They Can’t Afford It.  The premise of the article is that there should be a PCI compliance tool that… continue reading »

Google Chrome: What does it mean for payments?

I’ve been lax recently on blogging and updating my shared items feed (in the sidebar to the right) and for that I apologize…There are some exciting things happening from a messaging perspective at IP Commerce and I will be free… continue reading »