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What Is Most Important in Business: a thought exercise

I’ve been thinking frequently, perhaps too much, recently about things that a business finds most important.  In the past, I’ve heard many (highly intelligent) focus on the cost of customer acquisition as being of the single most importance to the… continue reading »

Does PCI Matter?

StorefrontBacktalk had an interesting article today entitled How to Sell PCI To Business Units.  In sum, it discussed the methods by which a CIO can explain the importance of PCI to the organization a large.  Of the recommendations, I found… continue reading »

Wells Fargo Data Breach: what have we learned?

If you subscribe to my link feed, you will have seen the post from The Bankwatch that I shared earlier today.  If you have not yet subscribed, get to it.  Or, go read the entirety of the post here.  As… continue reading »

How do I know what is happening in payments?

I am presently sitting outside Denver in a, seemingly misguided, attempt to watch the Perseid meteor shower.  As of yet, the experience has been…uneventful.  I have driven away from the city lights to get a clearer view of the night… continue reading »

User Experience: a necessity in payments

To many of you, the terms “payments” and “user experience” may seem woefully mismatched.  The payments market, for a variety of reasons, is plagued with a one-size-fits-all mentality.  And, even when this mold is broken, the outcome isn’t always ideal.… continue reading »