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Signal to Noise Ratio or: Payments and Software

The last several weeks have been rather interesting for me…As is periodically my want, I have spent a fair amount of time in reflection determining whether the “things” that I am doing as an evangelist are appropriate.  And, by appropriate,… continue reading »

An oft-asked question. Or, payments basics is interesting. . .

but, I can’t learn about it on June 10-12 when you are doing the webinar series with Microsoft. Several of you have asked about an opportunity to either review the material I will be presenting Tuesday to Thursday of this… continue reading »

An Odd Experience: aka “Why is there a bus in Starbucks?”

I have spent much of the last week focusing on preparing content for the upcoming training events…My office mate, in an effort to keep me from grumbling too much, recommended a quick Starbucks. Caffeine is my friend.  My close friend.… continue reading »

Payment Processing Made Easy: an article

In advance of the training event, referenced below, author Shari Gould has written an article entitled Payment Processing Made Easy.  The article itself, located here, is an excellent primer of the material that I will be covering in the… continue reading »