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FinovateStartup 2008: an IP Commerce platform demonstration

  In 2007, Jim Bruene (Online Banking Report and NetBanker) organized an event called Finovate.  It was popular enough, and sold out quickly, that this year has prompted the creation of a new event…FinovateStartup. This is the sort of conference… continue reading »

PABP is now officially PA-DSS

I have frequently discussed application security on this blog. . .You can use the handy category link to the right to identify several of these posts or click here. As was initially reported in November, PABP has been rolled up… continue reading »

ETA Annual Meeting

It would appear that, in my fevered preparation, I have completely forgotten to announce something rather fun.  IP Commerce has been selected to present as part of the ETA Technology Committee’s "Marketplace of Tomorrow" event. The demonstration consists of a… continue reading »

Etsy: a platform example

In continuing with my thoughts on the best definition of a platform, I’ve realized that I neglected one of the most important elements that defines a true platform. In my last post I spoke of the importance of generating value… continue reading »