2007 Innovations in Finance

Over the last 2 weeks I have taken a bit of a vacation.  A vacation from blogging.  A vacation from the office.  So let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a, belated, happy holidays.

I always find the end of the year interesting.  It seems a time where business has a split focus between year-end and Q1 planning (assuming calendar quarters).  I, typically, find myself in the same position. . .reviewing the past year and focusing on upcoming schedules. 

This year, however, I have spent the majority on planning my evangelism activities for IP Commerce.  As a result, I haven’t spent too much time reviewing the past year.  Fortunately, I kept up on my rss feeds during my period of vacation.  One of the most interesting posts can be found here at the NetBanker blog.  The post, entitled 2007 Nominees for Top Innovations in Online Banking and Finance, forced a measure of consideration of the past year.

I encourage you to read the blog and vote on the innovations you found most important in 2007. . .the results will be published in Online Banking Report.

Personally, I am most intrigued (and see the most interesting potential) for the world of social personal finance.  In terms of the NetBanker list, this would be items G and J.

G.  Mint launches like it’s 1999

J.  Wesabe widgetizes daily banking

Social personal finance is indicative of the increasing importance of meta-data in the worlds of commerce.  In the scenarios above, they indicate the value of the community in building insight into the daily finance of a consumer or small business.  I will discuss this concept of meta-data further during the week.

So, while I am intrigued by innovation of 2007.  I am excited about the potential for innovation in 2008 (in both commerce and finance).  Over the course of the next week, I will post on what I see as important trends in commerce for 2008.

What’s your perspective? Agree? Disagree? Anything to add? Critiques?
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January 3, 2008

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