Archives for December 2007

Demise of the ISV?

I ran across an interesting article today on the ITworld website.  The article, entitled In memoriam: the ISV can be found here. The world of business software continued its inexorable march toward Total Consolidation in 2007. If IBM was off… continue reading »

SOA for Commerce

Recently the CEO of IP Commerce, Chip Kahn, published an article in E-Commerce Times entitled "Simplifying E-Commerce with SOA for Payments."  The entirety of the article can be found here. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Service Oriented… continue reading »

Credit Card Surcharges

Aneace Haddad, whose blog I read regularly and enjoy immensely, has had a recent series of post on credit card surcharges: Credit card surcharges on the rise in Singapore Credit card surcharges in London In essence, there are signs posted… continue reading »