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PABP: Developing Secure Commerce Software

Perhaps it is best if I start this entry with a disclaimer. <disclaimer> I am not, and do not pretend to be, a security expert.  If you need the advice and assistance of a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) or other… continue reading »

A Major Step in Application Security

PABP has officially been accepted by the PCI Security Standards Council and will become PA-DSS.  The announcement, which can be read here, represents a MAJOR change in how data is protected when processed in (or perhaps through) software applications. This… continue reading »

PCI-DSS: a Podcast Overview

Last week I had the opportunity of joining Pat Callahan, of Practical eCommerce, in a discussion about Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). In this discussion we touch on the topics below, among others. What is PCI? Is… continue reading »

eBay Desktop: Leveraging Platforms on the Desktop

I spoke, briefly, in my last entry about the concept of a Rich Internet Application (or RIA).  Quite possibly the best example, that I’m familiar with, is that of eBay Desktop. In perusing the Web 2.0 presentations (last April), I… continue reading »

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