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Multi-Factor Authentication, and other musings

As I waded through my list of RSS feeds on the plane. . .I have to admit that I had fallen behind in some reading. . .I happened upon a previously flagged post by Bruce Cundiff of Javelin Strategy.  The… continue reading »

60 Minutes "Hi-Tech Heist", an analysis

Last evening, 60 minutes ran a report on the TJX breach entitled "Hi-Tech Heist: How Hi-Tech Thieves Stole Millions of Customer Financial Records."  If you haven’t yet had an opportunity to view, the video it can be found here.  Go… continue reading »

PABP: An Interview

Now that I am back in town from traveling, I am going to take a quick detour from my experiences at BAI and speak about security.  (As I said in an earlier post, an extremely important theme for those of… continue reading »

BAI Retail Delivery Conference

Several of us from IP Commerce are attending the BAI Retail Delivery conference in Vegas this week. . . Over the next few days, and in somewhat more digestible chunks, I will blog about technology that I have found impressive… continue reading »

PABP Rapid Compliance

Security surveys show 90% of customers say they blame their retailer, and 20% say they will take their business elsewhere if the data is compromised regardless of who is to blame. It is no wonder that retailers cannot afford to… continue reading »

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